filter option in jquery . $. See the Pen Filter Select List Options (Typeahead) by Esau Silva on CodePen. The following example will demonstrate you how to show and hide div elements based on the dropdown selection or selected option in a select box using the jQuery change() method in combination with the show() and hide() methods. We demonstrated the content option available in jQuery tooltip() method with its types that are string and function and also looked over an example of making the tooltip follow the hovering of a mouse using the track property. fancytree. CreateInstance(t); int val; //return int value or null int var valNull = int. The jQuery filter() method can take the selector or a function as its argument to filters the set of matched elements based on a specific criteria. 20)version CDN includes its CSS and its own Jquery library. Try it Yourself ». Most developers create a simple HTML table and write huge amounts of code to make a grid with sorting, paging, etc. This tutorial teach you how to get attribute from selected option using jQuery. js file. toLowerCase(). Search Option: When the user types the keywords and submit search request, an Ajax request is initiated to send input to the server-side script (getData. Archived Forums > SharePoint 2010 - Development and Programming I don't want JS/JQuery. 8 Released 7 years ago By default, jQuery UI Autocomplete filters through the list matching the term in the middle of the word. This issue can be closed. The jQuery Select Option is to control the multiple attributes and content for the user input information. filter(); 2. Feel free to leave comments on this blog. But if you want a lightweight solution, our code snippets will best choice for you. The filter () method returns elements that match a certain criteria. To use this plugin in your project, you will need 3 files, the JavaScript core , the default stylesheet and an image that contains the dropdown arrow . Keys need to be quoted, for example "itemSelector":. toUpperCase() . 7), HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Topic: JavaScript / jQuery Prev|Next. module to the modules directory of your Drupal installation. In this tutorial, I show how you can dynamically set an option selected in Select2 with jQuery. metafizzy. parent(). With jQuery, you can use the . filter(function() {. Basically what we do here is that when either of the “add” or “remove” links are clicked jQuery will get the values for all of the relevant options that are selected, recreate each option item HTML, insert it into the opposite select list and finally remove these items from the original list. Input tag - type hidden, name, value Searchable Option List (SOL) is a jQuery plugin which replaces your regular HTML <select> elements with a searchable, user friendly component. Another problem is the previous data in the table was shown again when i select next values. text(). In the example below items are filtered by their ordinal, which can be specified using page printing conventions such as "1,2" or "4-9", or both ("1,2,4-9,12"). Example: Attaches a change event to the select that gets the text for each selected option and writes them in the div. – user1514042 Dec 23 '14 at 13:53 please google for underscore/lodash libs they provide with an easy handle for filtering, sorting, aggregating etc. The script: jQuery Datatables Customer Search filter with Server side processing help us to get records based on our choices of data filter. 1. Options DataTables and its extensions are extremely configurable libraries and almost every aspect of the enhancements they make to HTML tables can be customised. Enable the 'jQueryUI filter' modules in 'Extend'. find("a:contains(" + filter + ")"). It can be used on advanced search engine pages, administration backends, etc. Example explained: We use jQuery to loop through each table rows to check if there are any text values that matches the value of the input field. The plugin adds a new filter attribute named unique, set it to true to define the filter globally unique, or to group to define the filter unique inside its group. The option uses jQuery empty for the the row and all its children elements. Find multiple select box option value in jQuery. The filter structure is just an unordered list. However, there are two types of select box. Type); // here we know our thing is nullable if (t. com/mycodetube/https://plus. i try using jquery ajax to search filter data on alerting a single value it works and show result but when i send this value using . getElementById("myTable"); tr = table. But this not directly work with the Select2 dropdown element. 4. Accepts filter parameter including current filter options and paging parameters when pageLoading is true. In this post, I am here with the dropdown value filter based on another dropdown. Hello php community, Could you help me in my research? I just cannot find what I am looking for. The value of the tag is specified with the val() method and the text with thetext() method. ConstantExpression filter = null; Type t = memberAccess. A demo with filtering options. 3. filter ( selection ) An existing jQuery object to match the current set of elements against. This function call returns the expected values: $('#Settings'). 10. The HTML select element option can easily set selected using jQuery – $(selector). remove () method to remove options temporarily from the <select> element. jQuery: Remove all the options of a select box and then add one option and select it Last update on February 26 2020 08:07:52 (UTC/GMT +8 hours) jQuery Practical exercise Part - I : Exercise-15 1. val(); // get the value of the input, which we filter on $(list). Answer: Use the jQuery change() method. Join a community of over 2. GetUnderlyingType(memberAccess. It binds to a textbox, and as you type in the textbox the select list gets filtered to match what you are typing. Step4: Make Product Filter Search Ajax Request In search. This takes a callback that transforms the selection data object into a string representation or jQuery object: In Header Section I have used the CDN(library) for Jquery,DataTable and Bootstrap. If elements do not match the criteria, they are removed from the selection. google. For example from the list of data we want to just filter "Male" gender data only. I am trying to get a filter option on my website to fetch the information from database. toUpperCase(); table = document. After the table is initialised, the API is used to build the select inputs through the use of columns(). Note: getMonth() returns January as 0, February as 1, and so on. 6m developers to have your questions answered on Filter Menu: Only allow Contains Option of Kendo UI for jQuery Grid. $(input). This filter is stored in the filterValue property and consists of filters that users apply in other UI elemens ( filter row, header filter, filterBuilder ). $ (this). Parameters: term filter term (string) table table being filtered (jQuery object) containerClass: string: filter-table Given an HTML document and the task is to add the Checkbox inside select option using JavaScript. The name is used purely as an identifier so duplicate filters are not applied. expr[':']. Here, also you should use the append() method to add the element to the select box. length; i++) {. By entering more characters, the user can filter down the list to better matches. By default, it will display the text property of Select2's internal representation of the selected option. Constant(valNull, t); } } else let filterData = arrData. Basic jQuery. Multiple Select is a very useful jQuery plugin that allows you to select multiple elements with checkboxes instead of pressing simultaneously CTRL and selecting options in the default select. var dialog = $ ( "<div>Red</div>" ). contains = function(a, i, m) { return jQuery(a). indexOf(m[3]. addClass('visible'); $('#filter'). Unique filter unique-filter. Option Type Default Description; autofocus: boolean: false: Makes the filter input field autofocused (not recommended for accessibility reasons) callback: function(term, table) null: Callback function after a filter is performed. TryParse(value. HTML. for (i = 0; i < x. Let's try out the following example to understand how it basically works: Options set in HTML must be valid JSON. default="Select All" caseSensitive - whether filtering is To achieve the best performance when using :selected to select elements, first select the elements using a pure CSS selector, then use . There are solutions with using function as an Autocomplete source. 0)version CDN for CSS is used for elegant styling. You have to use the jquery change method to Get Select Box Option Value on select of the options. Fenton. The solution was pretty easy though. facebook. toUpperCase()) >= 0; }; DoFilter is a Full Responsive Bootstrap Multipurpose Filtering and Shorting plugin built on Latest Version of Bootstrap Framework (v3. indexOf(m[3]. js Added jquery multi-select; Do not show filter option if empty; Add feature drag n drop custom sort for tags, categories; Add auto recount for the product with filters; Fix CSS selector; Fix colors for filter recount; Add loosen the line; Fix isset bug; Fix notice – add isset check for vars; Minor issues fix; 1. I want to develop a jquery function that allows me to combine the 3 values and pass it to a web crawler for search. e; only "def" should be displayed in the drop down box. getElementsByTagName("tr"); // Loop through all table rows, and hide those who don't match the search query. Source: jquery. each() function helps us in conjunction with a jQuery object. 7. If the option is set to false, the HTML result list will not be built. When an option is selected from the dropdown menu, Select2 will display the selected value in the container box. But if you want a lightweight solution, our code snippets will best choice for you. getElementById("myInput"); filter = input. So, I will be using the jQuery Ajax technique for preventing the default form The Filter panel is a UI element that displays the combined filter. It’s just an array that is providing data to it. Note the HTML attribute data-isotope is set with single quotes ', but JSON entities use double-quotes ". The hidden select element isn't necessary either; you can clone the full option list into memory, and filter it from there without having to store it in the document. 4. Thanks. 5, jq 1. The toggle() method hides the row (display:none) that does not match the search. Example. version added: 1. ToString(), out val) ? val : (int?)null; filter = Expression. visible property to true. jQuery. features . keyup(function(event) { //if esc is pressed or nothing is entered if (event. length; i++) {. A jq program is a "filter": it takes an input, and produces an output. It is highly customizable and is pluggable to many jQuery widgets like autocompleters, sliders and datepickers. 1)version CDN is required to run datatable. The Mau Gallery mainly built with Bootstrap 4 and jQuery. So after many days of hard work, I am glad that I came up with my first jQuery based Blogger Widget: Recent or Tag-wise [Multiple] Filtered Posts widget with Thumbnail option for BlogSpot/Blogger Users Recent or Filtered Post widget is a jQuery and Ajax based Widget which will fetch either the recent or specific posts […] loadData is a function returning an array of data or jQuery promise that will be resolved with an array of data (when pageLoading is true instead of object the structure { data: [items], itemsCount: [total items count] } should be returned). text(). 0, the filter_placeholder option was added. It auto generates tags / category to the top or bottom of the images grid. Multiple select box select multiple options by holding the key control and left mouse button. 4 . - filterSelectByParent. generateOnLoad {boolean} null (default) jQuery Forum Move this topic Forum : Getting Started Using jQuery Using jQuery Plugins Using jQuery UI Developing jQuery Core Developing jQuery Plugins Developing jQuery UI QUnit and Testing About the jQuery Forum jQuery Conferences jQuery Mobile Developing jQuery Mobile With the Kendo UI grid you can enable filter row in its header by setting the grid's filterable->mode property to row. Now, whenever the dialog applies the ui-dialog class name, it will also add a custom-red class name. Crofton A filter is a simple object containing a name, a query and an array of columns. Setting this option to true allows matches starting from anywhere within a word. See this demo: See online demo and code. Whether you're building highly interactive web applications or you just need to add a date picker to a form control, jQuery UI is the perfect choice. For that, simply add the following option in the jQuery code: enableFiltering: true. expr[':']. It can be simply done via. Elements that do not match the criteria are removed from the selection, and those that match will be returned. jQuery wrapper of the node to which the selection should be appended. <script src="path/to/jquery. When typing in the autocomplete field, the plugin starts searching for entries that match and displays a list of values to choose from. A click on the combined filter calls the integrated filter builder. Templating. Then call. not('option[value="3"],option[value="4"]'). classes: {. com/codetubeFollow me:https://www. It helps to user for reference of the input information or content. Let’s see how the jQuery. Next up we need to add a sprinkling of jQuery magic to display the specified items. Jquery(3. remove(); Here is a demo. js If a jQuery string selector or jQuery object is specified, the typeahead results will appear in that container instead of the default one. Close select tag. val(''); //we want each row to be visible because if nothing //is entered then all rows are matched. This example is almost identical to text based individual column example and provides the same functionality, but in this case using select input controls. There are a lot of builtin filters for extracting a particular field of an object, or converting a number to a string, or various other standard tasks. Each filter must have a filter value – this is the value we compare each cell value with. In v2. function filterSelection (c) {. . Second drop down data should get filtered based on the first dropdown selected in jquery This is the main ddl: filter(category, sortObject) - Filters all the shuffle items and then sorts them. json file and filtering on the client side and then we'll integrate our app with a simple backend. It would be OK if we weren't using jqAuto Knockout binding by RP Niemeyer which already takes over the Autocomplete source option. I tried this. js, we will define a function filterSearch() to make Ajax request according to filter search option display search result. This jQuery plug-in allows the user to easily add filter components to table columns, the plug-in works on top of the DataTables jQuery plug-in. group_search: true: By default, Chosen will search group labels as well as options, and filter to show all options below matching groups. You may add a search box for filtering the options inside the multiselect dropdown. This is the function defined in the escapeMarkupoption, or the default. val() == '') { //if esc is pressed we want to clear the value of search box $(this). css CSS file. If you’re using this code on a WordPress website, you already have jQuery available but need change the $’s to jQuery. 1 License. Contact/Social: If you want to ask a question you can post a question on stackoverflow with yadcf tag //default each row to visible $('tbody tr'). The filterable widget's filterCallback option allows you to set a custom callback. toggle($ (this). remove(); Here is a demo. I have a select option list and each of them has a different value. The filter widget supports the same attributes as the previous listview extension. dark Sign up for my newsletter to receive updates once a week when I create new content Related Functionality - filtering Filtering a product list is an important feature - it increases user experience greatly. filter. Support Donate for me:https://www. jQuery Forum Move this topic Forum : Getting Started Using jQuery Using jQuery Plugins Using jQuery UI Developing jQuery Core Developing jQuery Plugins Developing jQuery UI QUnit and Testing About the jQuery Forum jQuery Conferences jQuery Mobile Developing jQuery Mobile See full list on isotope. Here’s a jQuery extension method to filter the elements of a selectlist (optiontags). Option 1 tag with value 1 Option 2 tag with value 2 Option 3 tag with value 3. The first example selects all the a elements in the page and The third method is creating a new jQuery DOM element with the option tag. You can find the relevant function addFilterMenuItems in the core. Include the plugin styles, either the compiled CSS <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/nice-select. The filters here do not recreate the standard filter menus, but rather reuse SharePoint’s very own creation mechanism (the same way that these standard menus are created). ,using jQuery. you can choose multiple select in select box. Approach 1: First get the all option element’s value. This option should be set to true if a sortable rows and/or columns are activated. The sort object is optional and will use the last-used sort object. js plugin and the jquery. This jQuery plug-in allows the user to easily add filter components to table columns, the plug-in works on top of the DataTables jQuery plug-in. TOP 100 jQuery Plugins 2020 Chrome, IE8+, FireFox, Opera, Safari #Filter Demano is a simple jQuery filtering plugin to filter a group of elements with checkboxes and HTML data attributes. New here? Start with our free trials. In addition, the filterable widget will synchronize options shared between the textinput The filter group is a group of one or more filtering criterias. Contains = function(a, i, m) { return jQuery(a). patreon. It controls and modifies the multiple-choice information as per user There are many jQuery plugins are available to perform a live search and filter on HTML table. Further selecting Status “In Progress” will hide the other rows and display only one row. Hope this helps someone in need. If you want to study these concepts in depth, take a look at MDN. It works for regular option lists as well as those marked as multiple. Clicking on “Reset Filters” button will make all the rows visible again. I had improper syntax in the find/filter expression. It can take a selector or a function as its arguments for filtering the set of matched elements. filter(function(value) { return value. This of course has speed overhead, but prevents memory leaks. Bootstrap(3. 6, jq 1. fully searchable options; various types of loading the data; easy to use multi select (no Ctrl press needed) fully stylable with CSS jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. nice-select. text();). fancytree. This method is often used to narrow down the search for an element in a group of selected elements. For eg: When i select "Year" as "2012" the related data i. filter. toUpperCase()) >= 0; }; // If you want to overwrite the "contains" jquery selector you must use this code: jQuery. This method lets you specify a criteria. Please update both! Added compare & selected options: When you press any single key in the dropdown then it takes you to the option but not allows you to search whole or particular string. jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. jq Manual (development version) For released versions, see jq 1. We will also create searchResult container to display filter search result using jQuery Ajax. keyCode == 27 || $(this). js * * Remove or highlight tree nodes, based on a filter. Bootstrap-Select is a select dropdown jQuery plugin to modified with default Bootstrap dropdown select with multiple options like: outgroup support, auto-completion, clear selection and search live filtering. Introduction In this blog, we will learn how to use DataTable. Licensed under the LGPL-2. find('option:selected'). GetGenericTypeDefinition(). each(g_Vehicle, function I have two dropdowns, both are filled with data. category can be a string, array of strings, or a function. * (Extension module for jquery. Use this option for filtering "already on page" HTML list elements with show / hide. Friday, March // If you want to use a NEW selector as "Contains" you must use this code: jQuery. Haywood. 16. Initialize filtering on any of your multiselects by calling multiselectfilter () on the widget. Use. Filter Option: When the user selects an option from the dropdown, an Ajax request is sent to the server-side script (getData. A jquery plugin for generating a backoffice filters. In v2. This is especially useful for options that include a lot of special characters or phrases in ()s and []s. (admin/modules) Visit the 'Configuration > Content authoring > Text formats and editors' (admin/config/content/formats). If you want to show only the options with values 3 and 4. This may be an obscure approach to filter values in each dropdown dynamically. {0: "Option 0", 1: "Option 1"} Select filter options. php) to sort records by the following Example explained: We use jQuery to loop through each table rows to check if there are any text values that matches the value of the input field. Selecting Priority “High” should filter the rows for me. toUpperCase() . filter(":selected"). I am working on a website with PHP and MySQL. data-filter-placeholder allows you to customize the input's placeholder text. 2. filter. This can improve startup time. false: Yes: deselectAfterSort: boolean slick is a responsive carousel jQuery plugin that supports multiple breakpoints, CSS3 transitions, touch events/swiping & much more! Seting this option to true indicates that other widgets options have default values and causes jQuery Mobile's widget autoenhancement code to omit the step where it retrieves option values from data attributes. "ui-dialog": "custom-red". co jQuery filter() Method. getElementsByClassName("filterDiv"); if (c == "all") c = ""; // Add the "show" class (display:block) to the filtered elements, and remove the "show" class from the elements that are not selected. The filter condition specifies how the filter will compare each cell value with the filter value. default="nothing selected" filterText - text to show in filter when empty. var x, i; x = document. We have 3 options, but 4 list items: the first one is a placeholder we'll use on mobile to show the selected option (using jQuery). Options placeholderText - text to show as a placeholder when no items are selected. The two select are linked using a simple, yet effective “filter” logic implemented using a small JQuery script that works in the following way: if the user selects a region in ddlRegioni, the ddlProvince hides all the <optgroups> that don’t match the region name, leaving only one visible, so that the user will only be able to either pick a province in that region or “All Provinces”. Version 2. It is special attributes used mostly in the dropdown list. sort () method on the values and sort them alphabetically. $('#phone_line option'). var filtergroup = new $. This option will add a textbox where a user may enter letters to filter out the options. 0, the following changes were made: These updated filter widget functions are not completely backward compatible with older versions of the filter widget. jqx. Features can be enabled, disabled or customised to meet your exact needs for your table implementations. A lightweight, cross-browser and mobile friendly plugin for jQuery to create portfolio gallery with categories filter. This enhance the user experience of your web application. So we have search search in textbox then it will return female data also. Given a jQuery object that represents a set of DOM elements, the . Introduction to jQuery Select Option. The supplied selector or function to the filter() method is tested against each element in the set of matched elements and all the elements that matching the supplied selector or pass the function's test will be included in Generally, the default search and filter options are used that come with DataTables. filter('option[value="3"],option[value="4"] '). Then you need to write an onchange handler for $('select[name=Select1') inside which you need to filter the $('select[name=Select2]) options based on the selected options text in Select1 ($(this). Replace selectBox with the relevant id for the select box If you wish to empty the select box and add a single option to the select box, use JQuery’s append function together with the empty function In this tutorial, i will explain how to create a select box with search option using jquery, you must have seen on various websites that when you open html select box, it also provides you an option to write in input field to make your selection easier. Type === type;}); I am not making any separate HTTP request for the cascading SELECT element. Provided you always search in a "master list" of options, and those are already sorted, then the filtered options will retain that order. So far i have the lists working, and i can save the order of the data but im having trouble saving the data between the lists. Include jQuery and the plugin. 0. indexOf(value) > -1) }); }); }); </script>. The placeholder will be removed (display:none) on larger screens by using media queries. 5 minutes setup, very easy to use you just copy and paste. toLowerCase(); $ ("#myTable tr"). } }); </script>. . slideDown(); }); … The code above works like this: in the list, which is the <ul> element. it finds all the shows all the <a> elements that contain the value in the input. Allows to define some filters as "unique": which can be used for only one rule, globally or in the same group. During this step, the form will be refreshed without jQuery Ajax. IsGenericType && t. 15. val(). In this section we'll show you step by step how to easily create basic filters - we'll start off with static . 4 or jq 1. remove() method to takes elements out of the DOM. To get the selected item from a drop down, you can use the :selected property and call remove() on the matched element. Custom <input> filter, the first parameter is the value to test and the second one is the current input value (upper case). Answer: Use the jQuery :selected Selector. each() Function Example. js"></script> <script src="path/to/jquery. But, you can use custom search and filter input with the DataTables API. This option should be set to true if an event or a plugin is attached to the table cell. filter () method constructs a new jQuery object from a subset of the matching elements. multiselect. val(option-value);. Copy/upload the jqueryuifilter. every() to loop over the columns (the columns() selector can also be used to limit the selected columns if required), then the column Custom filters. append () method to append them again. im trying to create 2 lists that i can sort data between, and hopefully get 2 arrays of the data. To display the filter panel, set the filterPanel. text(). Like Cricket. get method in jquery ajax i gives all html web page code, but i Small jQuery plugin to filter a child <select> based on a parent <select>. css">. The next step is to create the filters. for (i = 0; i < tr. Select tag. multiselect. Thanks. find('input,select,option,textarea'); I came up with the following script, a combination of jQuery and JavaScript. This option is also exposed as a data attribute: data-defaults="true". See the demo for better understanding. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, jQuery functions require primitive values where applicable, and do not accept their Object-wrapped forms. 'select' Select input: The options are find according to the current data set. value. filter( jQuery object ) -- where an existing jQuery object is used to match the current set of elements against; All filters begin with a colon, such as :first, :last, :even. com/+kautubecodeghazaliMy Social Medi jQuery filter() The filter() method returns the elements matching the specified criteria. js /*! * jquery. Use data-filter-theme to declare a specific theme for the text field (overriding inheritance). See the jQuery UI Datepicker Range Selector section for more details. js"></script>. php) for further processing. This page documents data types appearing in jQuery function signatures, whether defined by JavaScript itself or further restricted by jQuery. filterByText = function(textbox, selectSingleMatch) { I'd say filter you data and re-bind your select to the filtered data as opposed to filtering the UI elements. Fix for slider update How can i filter the "Make" values according to the year. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a custom search and filter with DataTables Server-side Processing using PHP and MySQL. Whether you're building highly interactive web applications or you just need to add a date picker to a form control, jQuery UI is the perfect choice. or, ideally, import the SASS source (if you use SASS) in your main stylesheet for easier customization. Datatable(1. . Equals(typeof(Nullable<>))) { //check to see if int if (t2 == typeof(int)) { //var result2 = Activator. jQuery UI MultiSelect with Filter Plugin Filtering is available by including the jquery. Thus based on the data type of the underlying columns data the grid will render textboxes for string values, numeric inputs or date pickers for filtering in the column headers, as illustrated in this example. Now use. fancytree. You can use the jQuery :selected selector in combination with the val () method to find the selected option value in a select box or dropdown list. Filter the options of a lookup column. w3RemoveClass (x [i], "show"); input = document. If your page does not already include jQuery, don’t forget to add it to the header. Approach: Create a select element that shows “Select options” and also create a div that contains CheckBoxes and style that using CSS. The supplied selector is tested against each element; all elements matching the selector will be included in the result. 3. This value should never be used with ajax loading. 'regexp' Regexp input filter. Basically, the filter menu for a list/library is created through JavaScript. The appearance of selected results can be customized by using the templateSelection configuration option. var value = $ (this). The first is the single option selection select box and other is the multiple option select box. When i set the "filter" option in the DropDownList, the dropdown closes as soon as i click it ! You can see the issue here jsFiddle Commenting the filter line solves it, but i need the search . dialog ( {. fn. Enable (check) the jQueryUI filter under the list of filters and save the configuration. <returns> string (optional) Html string, a DOM element, or a jQuery object that renders the selection. – user1514042 Dec 23 '14 at 14:17 A jQuery plugin that converts a normal select box into a user-friendly filterable multi-select dropdown where your users are able to select one or more options by checking checkboxes. escapeMarkup: function: Function that can be used to escape html markup. js to create a grid with pagination, sorting, filter etc. change( function { var filter = $(this). As default all items are displayed, when the visitor clicks on one of our filter option links our jQuery fetches the class of the clicked element and assigns it to the ourClass variable. default="Filter" selectAllText - label for the select all dropdown item. filter. . The jQuery :selected selector can be used in conjugation with the val () method to find the selected option value in a select box or dropdown list. The query is the string that is used when determining whether a row should be included in the results or not. Type; Type t2 = Nullable. Here, the presentational custom-red class name is associated with the structural ui-dialog class name. In this post, we will see how to remove the selected option from drop down list with jQuery. Add javaScript functionality which is called when the user clicks on div that contains the select element QueryBuilder is an UI component to create queries and filters. 4. or You can use filter for avoiding the option values with 4 and 3 $('#phone_line option'). In this tutorial, I am using the select2 jQuery plugin to create dropdown with a search box. Its wonderful features can be used to Filtering and Shorting your website content as like Portfolio, Service, Team, Blog, Products, Pricing, FAQ etc. filter option in jquery