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Star trek mirror universe timeline

star trek mirror universe timeline J. com For further information, see Terran Empire and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Is in near mint condition. Star Trek’s official lore spans centuries, from obscure millennia past to the far-flung future of the 31st century. Edit source History Paramount announced not one, but two new "Star Trek" movies in development. 6 Around 5,600 years ago 1 (ENT) “In A Mirror, Darkly” – January 13, 2155 (ENT) “In A Mirror, Darkly, part II” Age of the Empress (Mirror Universe 1 Glass Empires) · Mirror Timeline (ENT) “Demons” – January 19, 2155 (ENT) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Star Trek Attack Wing - Mirror Universe Faction Pack - Kelvin Timeline at the best online prices at eBay! The first few scenes of Black Mirror’s standout season-four episode “USS Callister” look like a facsimile space adventure along the lines of Star Trek: The Original Series or the original It was first introduced in the "Star Trek: The Original Series" episode "Mirror Mirror" (Season 2, Episode 4), when a transporter accident occurs, and Capt. This reality was initially created when the villainous Nero time-traveled back in time through a black hole, arriving the day of James T. Cochrane still piloted the first successful warp mission, and the The Star Trek novels continue the Mirror Universe after season seven of Deep Space Nine, showing us how the Terran Rebellion is becoming more of a social revolution, as well as giving us perspectives on Mirror Spock's rise to power as Emperor after the initial episode "Mirror, Mirror", Empress Sato's putting down of the rebellion during the For the mirror universe counterpart, see Erick Minard (mirror). Crewman 4 years ago. Very few species have the capabilities to explore the entire multiverse and the vast majority stay well within the confines of their own universes. S. This Empire is ruled by a ruthless emperor and all other races are considered rebels. Apparently, when the Defiant entered the Mirror Universe a temporal anomaly it sent them back to I don't remember anything about Spock becoming emperor, but I haven't watched the DS9 mirror universe episodes in a long time and they might have covered it. There’s also the faction symbol (Mirror Universe) on the front to tie in visually with the icon on the cards. Directed by J. 5 Around 5,750 years ago 1. As a Starfleet officer in the latter half of the 23rd century, he served aboard the starship USS Enterprise as science officer under Captain Last week’s episode of Discovery opened the “Terra Firma” two-parter where we learned Emperor Georgiou’s (Michelle Yeoh) days were numbered. This Wikia includes all licensed works (TV Series, Films, Novels, Comics, Video games, ect. As with so many now-iconic Star Trek conceits, the Mirror Universe started with a single one-off episode, in which transporter interference from an ionic storm spits Kirk, Uhura, Scotty, and McCoy out into a “parallel” universe from their own. Crusher, MD (Howard) was known for being the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and later the Enterprise-E, both under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard and as the head of Starfleet Medical. However, that wasn’t enough for the warmongering Terran Empire or its Empress, and the ship saw a Some Star Trek questions about 'Discovery' There are some confusing plot points (like that timeline), but who needs clarity? Let's dive into show theories and ask some canon questions. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper. 1992 - 1996 Superhuman Khan Noonien Singh rules about a quarter of Earth MU Mirror Universe - from TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" and subsequent episodes MWI Many-worlds interpretation - Bob Orci's explanation for the existence of a parallel alternate timeline since "Star Trek (2009)" In the mirror universe, they were one of the species conquered by the Terran Empire. 90 € Star Trek Ccg Star Wars Starship Enterprise Star Trek Universe Collector Cards Paramount Pictures Losing Her Female Characters Science Fiction. 1 Up to 20,000 years ago 1. If it’s an alternate timeline (some of the novels suggest there is a point in both Prime and Mirror universe diverge) then there shouldn&#039;t be a Ke level 1. Abrams' films by making it a recurring alternate reality - just like the Mirror Universe. Directed by James L. Included are ships, tokens, dials, bases and 28 cards. There was an Ambassador Spock that was sent to that time-period and the ISS Enterprise of that timeline conquered the Klingons and murdered Nero, thus taking control of the red matter and the Narada. One suggestion that I have is to make it more clear by having the two timelines parallel, and to better illustrate that the Defiant went back in time when it moved between the two universes. Spock himself described the people of this reality as, “brutal, savage, unprincipled, uncivilized, treacherous " The "mirror universe" is the informal name for a parallel universe, so named because many people and places are "opposites" of their counterparts in "our" universe, with "evil" replacing good and vice versa. George Kirk's death altered the upbringing of his son James T. Kirk's birth and altering the events of the main timeline. The ambitious incursions of Terran Empire forces have brought allied forces into contact with the technology from the other side of the looking glass, including some of the advanced technology that the Mirror The parallel Universe storyline was kind of over used in the Star Trek Enterprise series and this book came out years before that sho Don't bring back to life characters that are dead or should be dead by know, don't mix classic series characters with Next Generations or the characters of other series, don't bring characters to a timeline when Since 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, the Star Trek film series has hit a dead end. Mirror Universe expert Kovich tells Culber that Georgiou’s condition is a result of traveling through time and space and that there is no cure. The back panel has a list of the pack’s contents, an upsell for the Federation vs. A gap of 10 years passed between the broadcast of the last episode of Star Trek: The Original Series and the release of The Motion Picture. Starfleet uniforms were uniforms worn by individuals serving in the Federation Starfleet, originally a United Earth organization. between 2150 and 2155. The Mirror Universe didn't come to Trek fully formed, and its first appearance was actually pretty different to what we saw on Discovery this week. In the span of that decade, the Star Trek universe saw the release of four feature films and three TV shows that all shared some degree of interconnected continuity, over a decade before the world realized that this was the future of entertainment. The comic book story "New Frontiers" by Mike W. The franchise began with a television show that aired on NBC from 1966 until its cancellation in 1969. pdf (1. idw incognita io9 mirror universe star trek star trek the next crewman from both Mirror Broken and the upcoming event series Through the Mirror has found his way into the prime timeline, In 1965, the very first Star Trek episode, “The Cage,” went into production as the initial realization of Gene Roddenberry’s idea for a “Wagon Train to the Stars. Star Trek: Mirror Universe Score A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the The Mirror universe is NOT a timeline( like the Kelvin Timeline) …. You have the conn! Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command. Fri, Apr 02, 2021 LOGIN Subscribe Star Trek (2009) Universe; Star Trek (2009)r; Star Trek (2012) Star Trek (Alternate Movie Series) Star Trek (Alternate movie universe) Star Trek (Alternate original movies) Star Trek (Alternate Original Series) Star Trek (AOS) Star Trek (AOU) Star Trek (JJ Abrams movies) Star Trek (Kelvin Timeline) Star Trek (Reboot) Star Trek (TOS/reboot) Star The first season of Star Trek: ultimately be defined by the long detour we took through the Mirror Universe. Star Trek: The Original Series still holds up thanks to great storytelling and a charismatic cast. J. From Star Trek: The Next Generation's infamous mirror universe comes our magnetic insignia badge of the Terran Empire. The Himiko Toga was one of the few surviving supervillains left after the Eugenics Wars. After all, the Prime Timeline is all in Benny Russell's head Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 Episode 18 In a Mirror, Darkly Part 1 and 2 What if Star Trek: The Next Generation had a mirror universe episode? Here's a special introduction for that special episode. Marvel might get credit for pioneering their transmedia “Cinematic Universe,” but truly, Star Trek in the 90’s was way ahead of the game. Spock, from the Prime Timeline, later arrived in this alternate reality and was immediately captured by Nero, who was lying in wait for him. Over the decades, in Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise, the Mirror Universe has become a grueling, if entertaining, demonstration of how fearful aggression can smother humanity’s Star Trek Timeline Explained, Including Two Kirks, Two Different Prequels, and the Return of Picard. Star Trek is an American science fiction franchise created in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry. If you're a fan of the epic Sci-Fi show Star Trek, then 'it's only logical' that you make space for these official The wait is finally over! This superb bonus edition of the I. A Mirror Universe Enterprise appears in the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror". Discovery 's season 3 two-parter "Terra Firma" reveals the crew's Mirror Universe native Philippa Georgiou is dying because of their journey to the 32nd century. The home of the stellar cartography for the Star Trek-Universe, based on the Star Trek Star Charts. In this alternate timeline, Kirk, Uhura, McCoy, and Scotty meet their doubles face to face in a mirror world where the Terran Empire takes the place of the Galactic Federation. This Wikia includes all licensed works (TV Series, Films, Novels, Comics, Video games, ect. Shield of Tomorrow, our Star Trek RPG show, recently took a trip into this universe, but nearly every version of Star Trek had made a stop there This is the default welcome page used to test the correct operation of the Apache2 server after installation on Ubuntu systems. 1 Season One NBC/"Star Trek" "Balance of Terror," arguably, captures the spirit of all the Treks. Alternative Universes: Fiction Within Fiction. com See full list on memory-beta. 216 relations. com today, revealing that the two Mirror Universe crewmates will be joined this October by the first starship ornament from Star Trek: Picard, Captain Rios’ La Sirena. Abrams’s most recent feature films (Star Trek [2009] and Star Trek Into Darkness [2013]), S TAR T Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 9 Recap. 5 Star Trek: Distant I kind of agree with @BBlake, except that within Star Trek, only one parallel universe is called the mirror universe, originally by Captain Kirk and the name later repeated in DS9. Star Trek: Insurrection, the third TNG film, is released. But the best known parallel timeline in Star Trek lore is the so-called Mirror Universe, introduced 50 years ago in the beloved original series episode “Mirror, Mirror,” which aired on October 6, Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe is one of – hell, the – most famous parallel universes in science fiction history. Don the official uniforms of the United Federation of Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself. Add a photo to this gallery 1 Welcome to the Star Trek microheroes Wiki 2 MENU 3 Related Wikis 4 Latest activity Star Trek Microheroes is a collaborative project to illustrated the Star Trek Universe in micro-heroes form. The Mirror Universe has been visited in one episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, five episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a two-part episode of Star Trek: Enterprise and a storyline in Star Trek: Discovery, as well as several non-canon Star Trek Star Trek’s Mirror Universe is one of—hell, the—most famous parallel universes in science fiction history. 1999. With Paramount Pictures, Star Trek’s film studio, focusing on the success of its new, younger franchise in the Kelvin timeline, fans of the Prime timeline’s cast and characters weren’t given Star Trek’s Mirror Universe Episodes and US Military Culture through the Eyes of the Other 1. Abrams was greatly embraced by Dec 14, 2010. Star Trek created a multiverse literally in its first season with the Mirror Universe (which everyone seems to at least accept even if they think its still ludicrous, which it clearly is) and TNG The Mirror Universe was later revisited in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as a seven-part storyline of Discovery's inaugural season, when the captain of the U. Kirk tries to live up to his father's legacy with Mr. Conway. InnocentTailor. Star Trek Fleet Command expands its universe with the launch of a brand new arc, Star Trek: The Original Series! Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. With Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell. She spares his life when Mirror Burnham threatens to end it, and orders Saru to spy for her. There is a Kelvin Mirror Universe in the official Star Trek comic. The Star Trek timeline now stretches over hundreds of The Kelvin Timeline is the alternate universe where all three modern Star Trek films took place. Kelvin resulting in the death of many crew members, including George Kirk, James T. In May the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager airs. Defiant was unquestionably the most powerful vessel of its time and timeline. 4 Star Trek: Arcadia 1. 3 External links 2. All sold as seen in the pictures. S Enterprise-D Starship was created by the Terran Empire as a Galaxy x-class attack cruiser. And with Star Trek: Discovery currently exploring a new era in the timeline for season three, the fan theories about the future of the show have flourished. 1 Appearances 2. If the argument is made that the Kelvin Timeline maintains its actors and specific look and feel in another dimension or whatever, then the next step is to imagine the same for TOS, which doesn’t seem to be the official policy. Star Trek is rife with mirror universes and time loops and parallel dimensions, but the Terran Empire belongs to a specific timeline and carries with it specific connotations for Star Trek fans. The 23rd Century Mirror Universe Uniforms are the Terran Empire uniforms of the 2260s as seen in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode Mirror, Mirror. The 23rd Century Mirror Universe Uniforms can be purchased from the Zen Store either individually for 550, or as part of the Temporal Special Agent Pack for 15,000. In this timeline, humans haven’t created a United Federation of Planets, the utopian intergalactic alliance that’s always been Star Trek’s foundation While like last year, the Star Trek Storytellers ornaments are the primary Trek releases for 2021, as the 2021 Hallmark “Dream Book” made its way to TheDigitalDreamBook. 1 A Debt of Honor, The Gift 1. StarTrek. It is the last film produced with the TNG cast, and it flops. While there In a nod to the original series, they have records of the USS Defiant appearing in the mirror Universe timeline, and cheekily have Lorca pose as Captain Tilly's chief engineer, complete with Selling the Mirror Universe (Kelvin Timeline) Faction Pack, for Star Trek Attack Wing It is listed as used, but is still in very good condition. Beverly C. Xenomorph; Heptapod; Yautja; Mala'kak Star Trek Universe. Customers also Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Star Trek Attack Wing - Mirror Universe Faction Pack: The Kelvin Timeline at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! As of Episode 10, Star Trek: Discovery takes place in a mirror universe. ISS Enterprise was originally the same shooting model as the regular Enterprise. Starfleet uniforms were uniforms worn by individuals serving in the Federation Starfleet, originally a United Earth organization. But maybe it's on Star Trek's Z Axis. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before. Point to ponder: The three seasons of the original Star Trek spanned nearly 70 episodes, which Star Trek timeline/watching order August 19, 2007, 08:50 AM I've gotten into Star Trek quite recently but I had a real marathon and watched EVERY episode of EVERY series (+ the movies) inside a year, and am now pretty well versed in it. We even have a Fan made section to included your Star Trek attack wing mirror faction pack, complete with all components. Ergo, the Mirror Universe DOES exist in Star Trek (2009) and the new timeline it spawned. 4 Location: Foreign Universe I have passed through an anomaly at the center of an uncharted ion storm. ( ENT: " In a Mirror, Darkly ", " In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II ") The Terran Empire conquers the Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Denobulans, and the Orions. Given that most of the unofficial ones weren’t particularly complimentary, it’s weird star trek mirror universe timeline. That’s the Prime timeline - along with the Mirror Universe (the evil dimension where everyone’s bad), first introduced in a 1967 TOS episode called Mirror Mirror. </p> Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. October 28, 2015 12:00 AM PDT. Star Trek: Year Five - Odyssey’s End The Mirror Universe Faction Pack: The Kelvin Timeline is a pre-built fleet of four ships for the Mirror Universe faction: two Kelvin timeline Constitution class ships, and and two Kelvin timeline Klingon warbirds. In the Mirror universe, Vic Fontaine was actually a Terran- not a hologram. Abrams' Star Trek quasi-reboot film it appears that Orions have somehow become members of the Federation. com today, revealing that the two Mirror Universe crewmates will be joined this October by the first starship ornament from Star Trek: Picard, Captain Rios’ La Sirena. . fandom. 2 Notes and references 2. Wearers were expected to abide by the Starfleet dress code, though special exceptions were sometimes made for certain aspects of an individual's A Mirror Universe Enterprise appears in the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror". . With Her and her crew at the helm of the Tereshkova who knows what they will face. Kelvin resulting in the death of many crew members, including George Kirk, James T. TOS was updated for 2017, so the Kelvin Timeline could follow in the 2020s, and we’d just have different events, unexplained character ages and the butterfly effect on technology, but otherwise Peck could play Quinto’s Spock also and so forth. Star Trek: Discovery borrows some of the Kelvin timeline’s visual language, using similar special effects as the Abrams trilogy, but is not set in the same universe. 2009: mostly 2258, in an alternate timeline: Unknown: Star Trek: Optional starting point: Strictly speaking, this movie makes sense if you haven't seen everything else. ) and non-licensed Fan-made Films. ISS Enterprise was originally the same shooting model as the regular Enterprise. Capt. 1 Plot 2 Cast 2. The reboot of Gene Roddenberry’s original Enterprise crew developed by J. From the Mirror Universe, to the Constitution-class USS Enterprise, all the way to the 32nd century—Let's go back in time and pinpoint the most important stardates in the history of Star Trek From Star Trek Timelines Wiki. Star Trek New Timeline Guided Reading Bundle. The executive producer’s departure was at first blamed on the time he needed to We’re back with more exclusive Star Trek Attack Wing previews! Last time we checked out upgrades for the Wave 4 Card Packs, and today we’re going to set our scanners one of two upcoming Faction Packs: the Kelvin Timeline Mirror Universe Faction Pack! We’ve got a lot to look at so let’s dive right in to content from the three most recent Star Trek Microheroesis a collaborative project to illustrated the Star Trek Universe inmicro-heroesform. She was given the chance to revisit her origins in the Mirror Universe and reflect on what she would’ve done differently. S. ” But the captain chosen The term originates from Star Trek, which has several episodes portraying a canonical alternate universe in which the peaceful Federation never existed, replaced by the brutal, conquering Terran Empire. In the normal Enterprise timeline, political upheavals have left Resistance is futile! With Jean-Luc Picard hitting Warp Factor 9 back to your many video screens in Star Trek: Picard, chances are good that we'll catch back up with everyone's favorite technology The goal for a realist isn't to recreate the thrill of original Star Trek, but to imagine new aspects of the Star Trek universe. /. One species that can and readily do traverse the mulitverse are the Q. Enterprise is canon with regards to Star Trek (2009). McCoy, Lieutenant Uhura, and The Narada, a Romulan mining vessel from the 24th Century, disrupted the time continuum by accidentally traveling back over a century to the year 2233. 5. S. We even have a Fan made section to included your own universe. Beverly Crusher Dr. While like last year, the Star Trek Storytellers ornaments are the primary Trek releases for 2021, as the 2021 Hallmark “Dream Book” made its way to TheDigitalDreamBook. ) and non-licensed Fan-made Films. Many aspects of the fictional universe impact modern popular culture, especially the This page is dedicated to establishing a general overview of historical or important events that take place before and during the timeline of Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie, and Steven Universe Future. It’s not a friendly universe, either. In season 3 episode 9, titled ‘Terra Firma, Part 1’, Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou and the Mirror Universe are the main storyline. In June the series finale of DS9 airs. With nine TV shows, one mini-companion series and 12 cinematic adventures, Star Trek continues to push the boundaries of how vast a sci-fi franchise can really be. Kirk's father. Mirror Barclay's infiltration of the USS Enterprise continues in the next chapter of the Star Trek: The Next Generation mirror universe saga, Terra Incognita. In fact, it almost has a timeline of its own as rich as the prime reality of The Mirror Universe in Star Trek Timelines. " This is a reference to Nero's ship in 2008's Star Trek . But then you miss out on a lot of inside jokes. 2 years after Star Trek Beyond command of the USS Tereshkova NCC 1811 is handed down to Captain T’Lar. It’s comprised of a saucer section, engineering hull, and two warp nacelles, with all the interesting details like the raised bridge at the top, forward Star Trek Mirror Universe Digital Bundle. Star Trek, Next Generation But when writer Jerome Bixby penned the classic Star Trek Original Series episode “Mirror, Mirror” in 1967, he opened the door to the Mirror Universe (also known as the Terran Empire), establishing separate realities from what would become known as the Prime Universe, and setting the groundwork for subsequent writers to indulge dark fantasies of killing off well-established characters, from a certain point of view. Enterprise-D Starship, with its distinctive third nacelle, is based First discovered in the “TOS” episode “Mirror, Mirror,” the Mirror Universe has always been a terrifying reversal on Gene Roddenberry’s utopian ideals, a parallel universe where WZK73289 - Star Trek Attack Wing Mirror Universe Faction Pack - The Kelvin Timeline Be the first to rate this product 32. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before in this ever-expanding, completely Free-to-Play online universe. This website is privately owned, non-commercial, unofficial, dedicated to the Star Trek-franchise and attempting to offer corrected and updated Star Charts for the known universe in the well-known LCARS-style. 1 Main Cast 3 Seasons 3. Kirk's father. Today, we delve into the last of the cards from the Mirror Universe – The Kelvin Timeline Faction Pack, all of which have exquisite, high-resolution art from the most recent and most visually stunning Star Trek movies! For those of you Kovich then explained that Yor traveled to the Prime Star Trek timeline from an alternate reality caused by a "Romulan mining ship. ”] Mission Brief. I’m not sure this can be answered as its not really established what the mirror universe is exactly. It’s impossible to create a Star Trek game containing every series without also including the infamous parallel universe, known and loved by fans as the Mirror Universe. >Please check out my other auctions. . ISS Enterprise was originally the same shooting model as the regular Enterprise. Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto would be up for playing Spock for a fourth time in a new movie if Paramount ever moves forward with Star Trek 4. In the Star Trek: Prometheus canon after the Preserver obelisk in the mirror universe, in Preserver, failed to destroy the mirror universe and after Tiberius, Intendent Spock, T"Val, and Kate Janeway, returned to the Mirror Universe onboard the Enterprise NX-1701, Tiberius and his agents seized control of the Enterprise. The ship is equipped with an agony booth and the mirror in the captain's quarters conceals Captain Kirk's deadly Tantalus device. Commemorating both the warp 1 flight of the U. The storyline is based on the "Mirror Mirror" episode from the original Star Trek According to The Washington Post, the Space Force cribs from past Air Force designs, while Star Trek's official website says its insignia is an in-universe evolution from the original NASA flight ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Michelle Yeoh on Georgiou & Michael’s ‘Beautiful’ Journey and Section 31 she got a “second shot,” in “a time when the Mirror universe and the Prime Engage yourselves in our official Star Trek memorabilia! With these incredible Star Trek Starships, dedication plaques, graphic novels and box sets plus much more from all the Star Trek television series from Discovery, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. STAR TREK TIMELINES is the ultimate Star Trek™ strategy role-playing game. The multiverse is the sum total of all existence, the compiled mass of every universe and presumably other extra-dimensional realms such as fluidic space. With Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Leonard Nimoy. The brash James T. It takes us a bit of time to establish where exactly Star Trek - any KS reality apart from Mirror Universe; Star Trek - Expanded Universe; Star Trek - General; Star Trek - Maquis; Star Trek - SB 173; Star Trek : Mirror Verse; Star Trek : Mirror-verse; Star Trek Academy - Fandom; Star Trek Alternate Universe; Star Trek AU - Fandom; star trek au!zombie apocalypse; Star Trek Continues; Star Trek Star Trek: Shattered Universe was one of the many games on display at a recent event held by TDK Mediactive. Posted on February 18, 2021 by February 18, 2021 by Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA. In that universe, some event in the past allowed a dramatic flux in power. In the mirror universe, people and places take on opposite characteristics of those in the parallel prime universe. STAR TREK TIMELINES brings together heroes and villains from all of Star Trek history. J. If you mean a parallel universe like as seen in TNG 7x11, Parallels , then it should say that. It resembles the fictional universe in which the Star Trek television series takes place, but is separate from the main universe. Star Trek fiction, and thus is not included in this Timeline. Across a vast network of franchised properties, stretching from the original series in 1966-69 to J. 1 Mirror, Mirror 2 Subsequent History 2. 3 Hall of Mirrors 1. Pages in category "Mirror Universe" The following 52 pages are in this category, out of 52 total. Kirk in the trilogy, revealed that he’s open to the The fourth and final season of Star Trek: Enterprise helped bridge the gap between Enterprise and the future developments of Star Trek: The Original Series. (Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) 1 History 1. The ship is equipped with an agony booth and the mirror in the captain's quarters conceals Captain Kirk's deadly Tantalus device. soil in 1944. Barr (DC Comics, Volume 1 Issues #9-16, December 1984-July 1985, published in graphic novel form as The Mirror Universe Saga in 1992 and again as Star Trek Archives Volume 6: Best of Alternate Universes in 2009); the novel Dark Mirror by Diane Duane (Pocket Books, 1993); and the novels Spectre, Dark Victory, and Preserver by William Shatner (Pocket Books, 1998-2000) are also Mirror Universe tales, but their depictions of that universe are not See full list on memory-alpha. Set 10 years before the events of "Star Trek: The Original Series," the show sees the Klingons waging war against the United Federation of Planets, with starship Discovery being the most important Sean Mahannah “We have to dream in order to survive. In the alternative timeline introduced in J. Discovery has found a new gear by hanging out in Star Trek’s famed “Mirror Universe” CBS split the first season of Discovery into two batches of episodes, with nine airing in the fall of Watching last night’s episode of Star Trek: who returns to the show as her Mirror Universe self, gets killed again and finally it becomes a showdown among Burnham, Georgiou, and Lorca A few more text-based Star Trek games emerged during the PC boom of the 1980s, and in 1988, the first fully graphical Star Trek title, Star Trek: The Rebel Universe, was released for MS-DOS and the Commodore 64 (an Atari ST version was released the previous year). Originally, it was identical to the main Trek Star Trek timeline Around 200,000 years ago: An ancient alien species is wiped out by an uprising of synthetic beings. Discovery, Captain Gabriel Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs, is found to hail from the Terran timeline. Also to the left is the Five Year Mission timeline I compiled. In the Mirror Universe, Spock faces a choice that determines the future of the Terran Empire. In fact, it almost has a timeline of its own as rich as the prime reality of Trek Star Trek: Discovery season 1 then returned to the Mirror Universe a decade before TOS before it jumped to the 32nd century and filled in some details of what became of the Mirror Universe in the last 800 years. Does that mean a shared universe, like "Star Wars," or the return of "The Next Generation" era? Simon & Schuster's dedicated site for Star Trek Books resources including reading group guides, book suggestions, author interviews and exclusive giveaways. 1 Ancient History 1. Edit. Rebel Universe puts players on the bridge of the Enterprise on a mission to In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. BOOKS . Category page. This starship has travelled through the mirror universe and now has landed exclusively into the Star Trek Official Starships Collection!The impressive design of the I. Some mirror versions have never been seen but we know they exist, and this is the The way Fuller immediately jumps to talking about the Mirror Universe when asked about how he originally approached Star Trek: Discovery indicates he saw it as an important part of the show, or at Star Trek Online: Mirror Incursion Lockbox. In that moment, Humanity failed an even more critical moral test than the in the Mirror Universe. Refer toMemory Alpha,Memory Beta,Star Trek Expanded Universein order to explain who or what the Which, as done as the Mirror Universe kind of is at this point, is an idea that I like. Tweet. J. This mirror universe is run by the Terran Empire instead of the Federation. The hologram of Yor, a time traveler from the 24th century Kelvin Universe, is wearing the jumpsuit uniform from the early seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Realists still debate whether a show or movie is "real" Trek. 7 MB). com. S. When J. The space saga has returned with the new series Star Trek: Discovery on CBS Simon Pegg and George Takei have a respectful disagreement over Star Trek Beyond. Star Trek: Discovery's epic Season 3 two-parter sees Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) return to the infamous Mirror Universe first visited in the classic 1967 Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror. >. The Mirror Universe is an area of Star Trek that has always fascinated me, ever since I saw the original "Mirror, Mirror" episode al those years ago the concept as given my imagination food for thought. Here in the Kelvin timeline, Mirror Spock seeks the means to return to his reality in his twisted version of the iconic Jellyfish and wipe out the Romulan race once and for all. In 1967, one of Star Trek's most iconic episodes "Mirror, Mirror" aired during season two of the original series. [Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1 Episode 10, “Despite Yourself. In this reality, his actions led to the destruction of the USS Kelvin as well as the deaths of its two senior officers, Captain Richard Robau and Lieutenant Commander George Kirk. According to Deadline, Mount and guest star Rebecca Romijn, who plays Number One, are set to exit Discovery at the end of Season 2, when the series catches up to the original series timeline. A Mirror Engle Strike Wing Escort with deployed Mirror Class C shuttlecraft Mirror Universe Shuttlecraft are a type of Hangar Pet for Starfleet characters, as well as characters of any other faction. The most popular theory is the dystopian Mirror Universe, So while the war continues for decades in the Star Trek timeline, The mirror universe has been a part of Star Trek lore since the first series in the 60s. The ship is equipped with an agony booth and the mirror in the captain's quarters conceals Captain Kirk's deadly Tantalus device. S. If the USS Discovery is now in the Mirror Universe, to the timeline are even depicted at all seems to imply there must be a ton of timeline changes in the Star Trek universe that we don In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, In a Mirror, Darkly, fans got to see how First Contact Day went in the Mirror Universe. By LaughingTrendy | Tue 26 Jan 2016 09:00:00 AM PST. The film skirted around the fact the actors had aged, supposing that only two and a half years had passed since the events of the TV show. Up is down, good is bad, and right is wrong? Sounds like Star Trek: The Cruise V is on course to enter into the realm of the Terran Empire! Welcome to Mirror Universe Night, where alternate versions of your favorite characters take the helm. 4 Around 5,900 years ago 1. Everything needed to fly the ships straight out of the box. S. 3 Around 6,000 years ago 1. This is a gleeful, bracing episode that stands out for its The Definitive Chronological Viewing Order For The Star Trek Cinematic Universe. Captain Erick Minard was a Federation Starfleet engineer and line officer, serving in both the 23rd and 24th centuries. Phoenix and first open contact between humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063, this tee lets you celebrate First Contact Day throughout the universe. The Complete Pocket Books Novel List updates the novel list as given in the back of Pocket Books novels in years past, before the list became so long that it was Star Trek: Discovery is officially in its third season and, timeline-wise, it has been a ride. Since that episode, the Mirror Universe has been an important part of Star Trek, serving as the setting for five episodes of Deep Space Nine (1993-1999), a memorable two-parter in Enterprise Star Trek: First Contact, the second TNG film, is released. Although the title should have been a dead Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack - Mirror Universe – The Kelvin Timeline WizKids Mirror Universe Faction Pack – The Kelvin Timeline The Kelvin Timeline is a new reality created as a result of the temporal incursion created by the Narada time traveling. The Mirror Universe version of the Kelvin timeline’s Spock will crossover using the ISS When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek in the '60s, the visionary screenwriter could never have known how big his universe would become. The actor, who plays Captain James T. While not nearly as popular as other MMORPGs, Star Trek Online still has a devoted following of players who have watched the game grow over the years. 2 The Mirror Universe Saga 3 Navigation An officer in the Terran Empire's Imperial Starfleet The back half of Star Trek: Discovery's first season sends the crew to the Mirror Universe, where they must pose as their evil counterparts while they search for a way to return home. Nyota Uhura is a villainous mirror universe resident, who was introduced in the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror". They leave eight stars in an implausible arrangement, the Conclave of Eight, Star Trek loves traversing to the mirror universe, where the characters turn into their darker, sometimes outright evil, counterparts. Nero promptly attacked and destroyed the U. Kirk who, in this timeline, did not join Starfleet until 2255. When the Mirror Universe counterpart of Sisko's deceased wife lures Jake to the other side, Sisko must follow and help the Terran resistance against the Alliance forces. S. In 2258, Nero was responsible for the destruction of the alternate reality's Vulcan, which resulted in the deaths of the majority of the Vulcan race. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. S. Mirror Universe Night. This Faction Pack includes four pre-painted plastic ships from the Mirror Universe (two Kelvin Timeline Constitution Class and two Kelvin Timeline K't'inga Class ships) with cards, token sheets, dial connector pieces, bases and pegs. They are obtained and/or unlocked with the purchase of the following Mirror Universe vessels: Mirror Engle Strike Wing Escort Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser They can be equipped on any vessel Here’s a rundown of Georgiou’s Mirror Universe timeline, as we understood it in Season 1 of Discovery, and what has fundamentally changed in Season 3. Kirk (William Shatner) is beamed into Welcome to Starfleet, Captain! Explore new worlds as you voyage through deep space. CBS has finally announced an official name for the alternate timeline that started with 2009's Star Trek. com Staff. The Constitution class of the Kelvin Timeline universe is immediately recognizable as being based on the original (and some would say greatest) Enterprise of Star Trek: The Original Series. Kelvin timeline pre gen. Star Trek; Vanguard; Excelsior; The Lost Era; Stargazer; The Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; ST11 Universe Timeline; Mirror Universe Timelines “Shatnerverse Step down from previous episodes, the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Terra Firma, Part I" gave us much-needed nuance of Michelle Yeoh's Emperor Georgiou in her mirror universe homecoming. Abrams and his production team set out to create a new version of Star Trek in the form of the 2009 film of the same name, they The Star Trek fictional universe contains a variety of weapons, ranging from missiles to melee. [citation needed] 1 Biography 2 Appendices 2. Details the late-24th-century events which give rise to the alternate 23rd-century timeline. Comicbook. 2 In a later conversation with Treav, she believed The first episode of Star Trek premiered more than 50 years ago, but the beloved sci-fi franchise is still going strong. The Kelvin Timeline is a new reality created as a result of the temporal incursion created by the Nerada time traveling. 2 RIS Bouteina 1. But at the end of the most Chris Pine is holding out hope that the “Kelvin Timeline” Star Trek feature film series continues. The Narada, a Romulan mining vessel from the 24th Century, disrupted the time continuum by accidentally traveling back over a century to the year 2233. – Dr. We’ve traveled to the Mirror Universe, we’ve traveled to the future, and we ended up in the 32nd Hello Star Trek: Attack Wing Fans! We’re back with more Star Trek: Attack Wing previews. The anomaly carried me into a parallel universe and this universe is measurably inferior to the one I left back home, in terms of both […] Movies: Star Trek: 2009 fanfiction archive with over 14,280 stories. • "The Man Who Sold the Sky," from Strange New Worlds (volume 1) features Star Trek characters in a deathbed tribute to Gene Roddenberry, and is also excluded. Wearers were expected to abide by the Starfleet dress code, though special exceptions were sometimes made for certain aspects of an individual's A Mirror Universe Enterprise appears in the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror". J. Available from these sellers. Utilizing the FlightPath™ maneuver system, command your fleet in space combat & customize your ship with a captain, crew, weapons and tech upgrades. The Kelvin Timeline films - which take place outside of the continuity of all other Star Trek films and series - have seemingly met an abrupt end with Star Trek 4 being canceled, and Paramount seems unsure of the franchise's cinematic future, if it even has one. In a Mirror, Darkly is an episode (in two parts) from Enterprise that features the Mirror Universe. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made film series intended for recreational use. Spock – full name (S'chn T'gai Spohkh Xtmprszntwlfd) generally considered unpronounceable to Humans – was a Human/Vulcan hybrid who became one of the most distinguished and respected figures in the United Federation of Planets in his lifetime. The villain of that Star Trek film, Nero went back in time to get revenge on the Federation for its perceived inaction towards preventing the destruction of On the front is a window so you can see the included ships, four in these sets. its a ENTIRE universe with its own separate history. Whether or not it's an outright Kelvin-verse variant, or he picked it up as a disguise upon arrival in the prime universe, is unclear. " The gap between the 1986 film Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home (2286) and the 1987 first season of The Next Generation (2364) is 78 years by this timeline, matching early press materials. Set your phasers to stun and join Starfleet on an adventure through space and time to save the galaxy from temporal anomalies. The Tholians and the Mirror Universe have long been inextricably tied together, with the phenomena of interphase and dimensional travel being hallmarks of Tholian space and influence. 0 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. 2002. Players take the captain's chair as they command their own starship and crew. A transporter malfunction brought Captain Kirk, Dr. This week, “Terra Firma (Part 2)” sees Georgiou rescuing and reuniting with her former protege, Mirror Universe Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), and her exiting the Discovery’s timeline. com reports that Scopely, the publisher behind Fleet Command, announced the Mirror Universe event saying, “A new threat rises from a place nobody could imagine: an alternate universe where right is wrong, good is evil, and heroes act like Star Trek Attack Wing: Mirror Universe Faction Pack - The Kelvin Timeline by STAR TREK. Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3, Episode 9 “Terra Firma, Part I” After suffering in the Prime Universe for so long, former Mirror Universe Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) finally gets back Bryan Fuller kicked off Star Trek Discovery with a bang, but unfortunately left before the show’s second season. Last week, actor John Cho said that Hikaru Sulu is gay in the Kelvin timeline. S. Late 21st century to mid- 22nd century. The cards are free of scratches/blemish, and there is no noticeable wear to the rest of the components. She was that universe's counterpart of Nyota Uhura. He’s surprised by how much she knows about Kelpians, but this isn’t a shock to viewers. . In September the first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise airs. 8. The Kelvin timeline and the "new" Prime timeline created when Gabrielle returned to Vulcan as the Red Angel. Star Trek superfans are sticklers for canon. The Star Trek franchise consists primarily of several multi-season television shows and a dozen movies, as well as various video games and inspired merchandise. For the counterpart in the timeline created by Nero's incursion, see Erick Minard (alternate reality)‎. The Mirror Universe is a parallel universe in which the plots of several Star Trek television episodes take place. Discover Celebrate First Contact Day in style with this official Star Trek: First Contact Day Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Vulcans (also Vulcanians) are a fictional extraterrestrial humanoid species in the Star Trek franchise who originate from the planet Vulcan. S. The first issue goes on sale on July A lot was going on in the Star Trek Prime Universe timeline in the 2360s and the 2370s. For example In the Prime universe, Vic Fontaine is a sentient hologram. Abbreviation: STA Original media: Episodes Creator(s): VulcanHello In-universe Setting: 2260s,Kelvin timeline Star Trek Ascendancy is a fan fiction series taking place during the 2260s in the Kelvin timeline, it follows the adventures of Captain Alex Chartwelland the crew of USS Faraday as they patrol the frontiers of the Federation. The first "Mirror Universe" episode was the TOS episode Mirror, Mirror. All the many subplots and character transformations come back to that or function Star Trek: Discovery chapter 2 returns in January 2017. After the briefest of explorations, my analysis is complete. "Michelle Yeoh has been a staple on Star Trek: Discovery since the series premiered in 2017. S. S. All cards and tokens in this pack are brand new. . Star Trek: Picard dealt directly with the fallout of what the Prime Trek universe dealt with in the Star Trek movie reboots, but here we are: open references to the parallel universe created by The Mirror Universe has a long history in the Star Trek franchise, and now is a great time to catch up on the relevant episodes for Discovery. Georgiou notices that one of the Kelpians serving is none other than Saru. These uniforms facilitated the wearers' needs as both scientists and researchers, as well as Starfleet's military role. These uniforms facilitated the wearers' needs as both scientists and researchers, as well as Starfleet's military role. S. 2 Around 8,000 years ago 1. Nero promptly attacked and destroyed the U. Star Trek may not have invented the evil reflection style character, but Spock's goatee in the first Mirror Universe episode is certainly one of the reasons the trope is called the Beard of Evil. 2013: 2259: Unknown: Star Trek Into Darkness Timeline Universes Community. Spock keeping him in check as a vengeful Romulan from the future creates black holes to destroy the Federation one planet at a time. Abrams. None yet Himiko Toga at My Hero Academia Wiki In Star Trek Online, customize your Captain and enjoy your very own Star Trek experience with over 125 episodes through multiple story arcs, featuring content in both space and ground. These decades became the main focus of the majority of Trek’s historical record for that precise reason. The first mobile game "Star Trek: Picard" has a timeline that unites the "Star Trek" TV series and the recent movies, as well as taking the CBS franchise into a new century. The mirror universe's Terran Empire is a repressive interstellar body dominated by the people from Earth. 4 Navigation In late 2699, while T'Vrell was serving aboard the USS Iroquois, she met some Hydronian recruits that had just joined the crew in the ship's cafeteria. Doug Jones as Capt. She began stalking the streets of Dyson City as a serial killer, and her goal was to vow revenge on the Wolfhounds, who murdered her teammates. Jeremy Dick Oct 1, 2020 T'Vrell1 was a female Vulcan who served in Starfleet aboard the USS Iroquois. It's always great to see the Mirror Universe in "Star Trek" and this is the best This Spock is from the Mirror Universe, where the Terran Empire reigns, having subverted the ideals of the Federation into a tyrannical galactic power. [Star Trek] Timeline Graphic Post by Princess Strega » Sun Dec 27, 2020 8:04 pm I have a little bit of trouble keeping up with the Star Trek timeline, and I can't possibly be alone in that regard. Mirror Warship [T6] After crossing over into the Mirror Universe and aiding Empress Sato in her takeover, the Constitution-class ship formerly known as the U. fandom. The wildly successful mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command is bringing Kelvin Timeline Mirror Universe characters to the game for the first time. 1 Novel Timeline 2. 2000 2001. </p><br><p>Will combine shipping, please allow time after the auction for a invoice to be sent. Just like her prime counterpart, she was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols. The Discovery arrives in the Mirror Universe thanks to Lorca, who had secretly snuck into A more detailed timeline of the stories following Star Trek: Nemesis is given on the Post-Nemesis: Year By Year page. Most fans were delighted by the news Oct 23, 2014 - Star Trek USS Stargazer. STAR TREK LIMITED BOX. From there, it gained a massive cult following, ballooning into a larger pop culture phenomenon, through a variety of outlets including four other live action TV series, an animated series, video games Commander’s Log Stardate: 2263. BY. ” . It explores bigotry, prejudice, heroism, honor, and duty all in the context of a great science fiction episode. In December Star Trek: Nemesis is released in North America. Most visited pages. Archer and his crew escape from an alternate timeline — the result of the continuing Temporal Cold War — in which the Nazis have invaded U. ! An Infinite Welcome; A. 1997 1998. J. Overview Star Trek: Attack Wing is a tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game, featuring collectible pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe. For clarity's sake, here is what happened in the Mirror Universe chronologically from before First Contact with the Vulcans to what is known about the alternate reality in the year 3189. The popular MMORPG Star Trek Online has introduced the The Mirror Escort Carrier, the first Mirror Universe starship from Discovery. 1957 A Vulcan ship crash-lands on Earth in Pennsylvania leading to an unofficial first contact between humans and Vulcans. But maybe it's on Star Trek's Z Axis. Saru, Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou and Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 9. Sometime between 2063 and 2155, The Lunar colonies are attacked by an Emmette -type starship, with photonic torpedoes. EPISODE 4 “THE WHITE IRIS” EPISODE 5 “DIVIDED WE STAND” EPISODE 6 “COME NOT BETWEEN THE DRAGONS” Captain Kirk finds himself haunted by guilt from his past as the fate of an alien world hangs in the balance. (TNG novels: Q-Zone, Q Star Trek 's Kelvin Timeline may be done on the big screen, but the franchise can still utilize the world of J. The Mirror universe doesn't fit what should happen in a parallel timeline in a real universe. The Narada, a Romulan mining vessel from the 24th century, disrupted the time Mirror Mirror | Star Trek Fleet Command Star Trek Fleet Command is getting visitors from the Mirror Universe. No date of divergence between the Prime timeline and the Mirror universe has been established, although it is likely it dates back to the 16th century, if there is one, with the Terran Empire dating back to at least the 20th century. Perhaps one of the things that has been missing from Star Trek: Discovery over these past two-plus seasons Major spoilers ahead for Star Trek: Discovery episode "Terra Firma, Part 2. Klingon Starter Set, and a neat description of the creation of the Kelvin Timeline as depicted in 2009’s Star Trek film. Star Trek: The Original Series | “Mirror, Mirror” (1967) StarTrek. When Burnham, Lorca, Tilly, and the rest of the Discovery arrive, they quickly had to change their clothes, attitudes, and ranks to blend into this new totalitarian Federation. S. Choose fleets from the Dominion, Federation, Klingon and Star Trek Online is a premier free-to-play MMORPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment set in the famous Star Trek universe. Events in Star Trek's timeline cover several crossovers to a darker universe we know as the Mirror Universe. Because 900 years have passed since In Star Trek Enterprise (ENT), that same USS Defiant makes an appearance. star trek mirror universe timeline